Interested in joining the lab? Get in touch!

Our goal is to provide a supportive and enjoyable training environment for researchers at all levels. If you are interested in neuronal plasticity and regeneration, and want to learn cutting edge imaging and optogenetic techniques, we are the lab for you! We also provide mentoring in all aspects of research, from designing experiments and obtaining funding, to writing and publishing papers.

Postdocs: We’re looking for a postdoc! If you’re interested in our work, please email Claire a CV and a one page summary of your current and future research interests.

Grad students: If you’re in the CNUP program or the MSTP program and would like to talk about doing a rotation project in the lab, please contact Claire by email.

Research assistants/ technicians: We’re looking for a research assistant or technician! If you’re a recent graduate or already have some lab experience, please email Claire a CV and brief description of your interests and career plans.

Undergrad students: We have a large number of undergrad researchers in the lab but all of our positions are currently full.